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<aside> 👋 I’m Jake! I’m an engineering leader and founder helping startups build great products and teams. I have over a decade of experience building software, half of which I spent at Apple. I'm a hands-on leader who loves to code and build things. I also produce music. Check out my LinkedIn to see my latest clients and get in touch.






Startup Resources

Some of my best startup advice packaged into easy to digest short articles:

Software Development for Non-technical Founders

Software Project Management for Startups

Code Review for Startups

Code review workflow

Hiring Developers for Startups


Things I’ve been working on myself:

👨‍👩‍👦 Grayrock - Co-parenting AI Mediator

757 Build Weekend

🎛️ ML Synth Preset Generator

🚨 Founder Pep Talks

🎹 Filtering MIDI Pitch Bend Messages with Arduino


🐘 Chptr Mobile app delivery: Remember loved ones lost. The product we built received hundreds of 5 star reviews on the App Store and was voted #1 Product of the Day and #4 Community & Social App of the Year on Product Hunt.

👔 ClaimEdge / eSumry ****

ML-focused legal SaaS delivery: Deposition analysis AI for lawyers. I oversaw an integration of machine learning models and infrastructure developed in partnership with Virginia Tech into a brand new product experience built around the advancing capabilities of large language models. I hired developers and established core company processes and technical culture.

✈️ Travelaya Web + mobile apps delivery: discount travel subscription service founded by the creator of the EarthPic travel community on Instagram (20M followers). I oversaw development of the first version of the product in collaboration with an existing agency partner.

🌳 Frontline Gig Web app delivery: Gig staffing for green jobs. I hired the initial team and managed development of the first version of the product.

🚐 Senior Runs Architecture and fundraising support: Uber for NEMT. I drafted a product specification and architecture proposal for a very complicated build to replace an existing white-label system.

🏔️ Framewrk Organizational assessment and process support: Startup community and consulting platform. I was brought in to assess the engineering culture of their large, distributed team and implement recommendations.